KEEP MUM is an award-winning independent short film, a psychological thriller, drama/horror set on the east coast of England, starring a real-life Mother and Son - Nadira & Cameron Murray. Written and directed by the London-based filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale, co-produced by Lunadipas Films and Reblis Films in association with QareyFilmKEEP MUM is a short pilot for Luana’s debut feature film MY ENEMY WITHIN.

‘Luana Di Pasquale’s treatment of domestic drama in Keep Mum is at once thorough and fresh. Watch out for her! ’

- Marco Valerio Pugini, Panorama Films

‘Keep Mum is a masterly debut film from Luana Di Pasquale. A brooding, sometimes shocking work, it casts an intense gaze on domestic trauma of an especially dark nature. A great work.’Chris Salewiz, journalist, broadcaster and novelist

‘Keep Mum packs a punch delivering brutal snapshot of a mother pushed beyond the edge - the production values are great, as is the lead performance - the music, sound mix and slick title - Luana has done a great job with modest means and a slender team ’ – Daniel Konrad Cooper, Rather Good Films

'This is an unsettling and perplexing film, packed with startling imagery and brimming with verve. The lead actress, Nadira, gives a remarkable performance, especially considering she is so frequently the only character on screen, with no other actors to play off of. Her climactic interaction with the child answers some questions and raises many others, in the best possible way...' - L.A.


'Well, that packs a punch in fifteen minutes!  Spare, lyrical, beautiful, tortured. Phenomenal pace.' - Barbara Denman

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