LUANA DI PASQUALE is an award-winning genre film writer/director and producer whose short thriller/horror KEEP MUM is a short film about the cycle of domestic abuse and it is currently in its 2nd-year film festival run, earning so far 23 official selections, 7 nominations and 7 wins! KEEP MUM is a short film pilot for Luana's debut feature Film MY ENEMY WITHIN a psychological thriller/horror set in the UK, currently in development while she is co-producing Ultra Pure feature film by Ulla Fudge.

After completing a Diploma in Fine Art and Architecture at  Liceo Artistico R. Sanzio in Pavia, a Diploma in Humanities Studies at Liceo Artistico Primo di Brera in Milan (Italy), Luana Di Pasquale moved to London in 1999 where she completed a BA Honours in Film and Video Production and graduated as a writer/director and producer and made Interference, her graduation film at the London College of Communication, University of Arts London (UAL), in 2005. Ever since Luana has been working in the film and TV industry as a self-shooting PD for online commercials/promo and short documentaries for a range of private clients, brands (Vladivar Vodka), Artists (Guerrilla Girls on Tour), cable TV (Current TV), organisations (Rosetta Arts, Performing Productions) and cultural events (Rock Fuji Festivals) and as a writer/director and producer of Love Talk TV show (12 episodes, Record TV) before returning to the world of cinematic storytelling. Since 2020 Luana runs her own filmmaking workshop for children/young adults called The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling - a Lottery funded project by the Art Council while she also mentors filmmakers at ScreenSkills organisation.

In 2018, Luana founded Lunadipas Films, an independent company dedicated to the development and production of genre films in which she explores personal subject matter to her: fresh, current and relevant female-driven stories that journey deep into the human psyche, pushing the boundaries of perception. Luana is officially one of the Cut-Throat Woman, a database of women working in horror film around the world. Here latest press news.

Official Selections, Nominations, Awards and upcoming Screenings


KEEP MUM premiered worldwide on the 7th December 2019 at the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival (Portland, USA) and won the Best International Director Award. It then won the Best Actress Award at the Halicarnassus International Film Festival 2020 (Bodrum, Turkey) and the Jury Special Film Award at the Andromeda Film Festival 2020 (Istanbul, Turkey). Both Gold Tier for Best  Disturbing Films and Best Short Performance at the Horror Movie Awards 20 (Seattle, USA). Best Horror/Thriller Film, Canadian Cinematography Awards 2020 (CaCA, Toronto, Canada) and Best Experimental Film, New York Cinematography Awards 20 (NYCA, USA)


KEEP MUM has been nominated for: Best Female Director and Best Actress Awards at the Nola Horror International Film Festival 2020 (New Orleans, USA) ranked one of 50's Best Genre Film Festival by MovieMaker, Best Picture at the Austin After Dark Film Festival 2020 (Austin, USA), Best Cinematography Award at the Femme Filmmakers Festival 2020 (London) Best Drama Award at the Atlanta Horror International Film Festival 2020 (Atlanta, USA) and Best Actress Award at the Anatomy of Crime-Horror International Film Festival 2020 (Athens, Greece), and Best Films category at Horror Movie Award 2020 (Seattle, USA).


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