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"I embarked on my filmmaking journey with "Interference," my graduation film at UAL (2005), a short horror that was exhibited at the NFT and the ICA in London. Right after my graduation, I ventured into various roles within the freelance world. As a self-shooting PD and editor, I made promotional content for brands such as Vladivar Vodka, short documentaries on social issues for Current TV, and comedy for the world-renowned New York-based feminist collective - Guerrilla Girls on Tour. I also produced and directed 12 episodes of "Love Talk," a lifestyle TV show, for Record TV, which was broadcast on Sky. I was then inevitably compelled to return to my true passion: genre filmmaking.


In 2018,  I wrote and directed "Keep Mum," a 15-minute art house thriller produced in collaboration with Reblis Films and Qarey Film. This short garnered critical acclaim and received numerous awards on the Genre festival circuit (2019-2022). "Keep Mum" is distributed by Mbur Film and can be found on Amazon Prime US, Amazon Prime UK, Sofy.TV, PLEX.TV and Shorts TV in the US, UK, South America, and Europe.


Since 2020, I have been running my filmmaking workshop, The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling supported by Arts Council England. This initiative helps individuals of all ages, especially those who are neurodivergent, find their creative voice.


I actively participate in press interviews, discuss horror films, and contribute to Q&A sessions. I serve as a judge for the "Irish Short Film Strand" at the Dark Hedges International Horror Film Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a passionate advocate for women in the horror film industry, I am a proud member of the Cut-Throat Women database.


Currently, I am developing my debut feature film, "My Enemy Within," at Bad Girl//Good Woman Films." - Luana Di Pasquale




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