In 2018, Luana Di Pasquale founded Lunadipas Films, an award-winning independent company dedicated to the development and production of a slate of genre films with themes and subjects very personal to her; fresh, current, relevant, female-driven stories that journey deep into the human psyche, pushing the boundaries of perception.


KEEP MUM A woman is pushed beyond sanity... Distributed by Mbur Films

Image by Frank Flores

MY ENEMY WITHIN 90 min. Psychological "Be Careful What to Wish for" Thriller/Horror.Set in UK In Development Image by Frank Flores


Odio e Amore (Hate & Love) 90 min. Thriller/Drama set in 70s in Italy Based on a True Story COMING SOON

Image by Florian Klauer

MISS(ING) WOMAN literary non-fiction COMING SOON Image by Florian Klauer

Image by Chris Yang

BLOOD & THUNDER 90 min. Psychological Thriller/Horror Draft available Image by Chris Yang

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