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"Keep Mum: A fresh take on the horror genre"



"Luana Di Pasquale’s Keep Mum never stops erupting. No matter how many times you watch it,

it will always scorch your heart, a horror classic".

UK Film Review 

"For a horror short film, Keep Mum is an impressive piece. For a debut, Di Pasquale has worked miracles

and instantly carved her name into the genre and the industry as one to watch.

The London Horror Society

"Writer/Director Luana Di Pasquale serves up a compact, clever and haunting little tale with Keep Mum. 

This psychological piece applies the adage of ‘less is more’ perfectly, and results in a fantastic example

of British indie horror done right.”


"A Horryfing Tale of Domestic Abuse by Luana Di Pasquale."


 "Claustrophobic, haunting and surreal, Keep Mum is a psychological thriller/horror that packs a feminist punch."


"Keep Mum explores the dark and light of our psychology. A film sprinkled with horror, surrealism,

anticipation, involving its audience by holding them against a wall then throwing them to the ground."

Cult of the Cinema

"Keep Mum is no phantasmal horror film, but a true life horror story, one which echos throughout the globally."

Femme Filmmakers Festival 2020

"Di Pasquale is a woman to watch. She has already shown herself to be a director with a precise awareness of what she wants to convey with her camera. She is sure to continue to gain more recognition with her future projects."


"Whether you pick this film to see what the fuss is all about, or take the time to learn and understand the story behind it,it really is one to remember."


Michael Obiora (Tomb Raider) and Colby Boothman(Jurassic World) have been cast opposite

Camilla Rutherford, Greta Bellamacina and Alain-Fabien Delon in Ultra Pure from writer

and director Ulla Fudge. Luana Di Pasquale and Fudge are producing.

Women Make Horror panel at DHIFF

BanterFlix’s Victoria Brown hosts a special panel for the Dark Hedges International Film Festival 

about women and the horror genre.This panel includes filmmakers Aislinn Clarke, Vanessa

Ionta Wright and Luana Di Pasquale.


The Cut Frame Magazine

"Keep Mum is an Orchestra of Inner Torment."

About Insider

Beyond The Limit: Keep Mum By Luana Di Pasquale


Horror News

"Keep  Mum Trailer Release"


Pop Corn Horror

"Short Horror Keep Mum Explores Beyond the Limits of Sanity."


The Women's Direction

"Life Made Me Become a Film Director."

Conversations about her

"Keep Mum seeks to continue to fight against abuse."







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